5 minute Visual Pitch Series

3 short videos that will help you create your visual pitch for:

Confident Clarity

Higher Conversions

Higher Prices

Watch each video and make tangible changes to your pitch that will increase your conversions.

The power of visuals to convert more clients

Communicate your value visually with these 4 models

5 stage process to craft your pitch

If your message isn’t visual,

you’re losing potential clients

Have you asked any of these questions?

“Why is it so hard to explain what I do?”

“Why do people zone out during my presentations?”

“What’s the secret to charging more for my services?”

Overcome all these obstacles and more when you get FREE access to the 5 Minute Visual Pitch Series.

Get Instant Access to the 5-minute Visual Pitch series

Unlock access to all 3 videos:

Video 1: Convert more clients with the power of visuals

Video 2: Communicate your value visually with these 4 models

Video 3: 5 stage process to craft your pitch


Meet your host

This video series is hosted by the creator of the multi-award-winning Think RAPT System, Renée Hasseldine. Renée is the best-selling author of multiple books including Get Visual! Win clients and grow your business with visual models. Renée is unequivocally passionate about enabling you to use visual models to have massive impact in your business. When it comes to extracting knowledge, skills, and experience out of thought leaders’ heads and turning it into pictures, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into succinct, inspiring content is sheer brilliance. This is the core of the Think RAPT system, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world.