Think RAPT® is an award-winning system that distils consultants, experts, and teams’ unique intellectual property into Visual Models.

We’ve worked with hundreds of consultants and their teams to harness their genius for maximum impact. Streamline, Standout and Scale with a Think RAPT® System.

As an expert in your field, with complex solutions and a wealth of expertise, it can be a challenge to communicate exactly what you do and the benefits.

Words can be limiting when it comes to communicating complex ideas.

Using visual models is often more effective. They are gifts that keep on giving.


Winner badge for Innov8 Ideas Distiller Award

Think RAPT WINS ideas distiller award in innov8 awards 2021

In November 2021, Think RAPT®, was named the winner of the Ideas Distiller Award in the Innov8 Awards.

This award recognises the business leader who incubates ideas, designs concepts, creates strategies, plans and delivers solutions to everyday problems.

Stevie Awards Asia Pacific 2020 for Think RAPT / Share Your Passion for intellectual property business services to streamline standout and scale
Bronze Stevie A

Think RAPT CEO, Renée Hasseldine, WINS BRONZE IN 2020 & 2021 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

In 2020, Renée Hasseldine, CEO & Founder of Think RAPT®, was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Most Innovative Woman of the Year - Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations category in the 17th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

In 2021 Think RAPT® was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Company of the Year – Business Services category in the 18th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honour women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run– worldwide.  The Stevie Awards have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards.

Stevie Awards Asia Pacific 2020 for Think RAPT / Share Your Passion for intellectual property business services to streamline standout and scale




Share Your Passion was named the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award in the Award for Excellence in Corporate Innovation category in the seventh annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards today.  

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are the only business awards program to recognize innovation in the workplace in all 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.  The Stevie Awards are widely considered to be the world’s premier business awards, conferring recognition for achievement in programs such as The International Business Awards® for 18 years. 

More than 1,000 nominations from organizations across the Asia-Pacific region were considered this year. Share Your Passion’s award acknowledges their ground-breaking innovation with their proven four visual model system that allows consultants, experts and thought leaders to communicate their complex solutions clearly and succinctly.  

One of the biggest challenges for service-based businesses is being able to communicate a USP and point of difference to their target audience. It is hard to sell the intangible; to communicate the features and benefits through words. Share Your Passion’s unique process, extracts and unpacks whats in an expert’s mind and turns it into four visual models that cut through the noise in a saturated market and have the audience saying “hell yes” to their solutions.  

Australian Small Business Champion Awards FINALIST - 2020 & 2021

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is a prestigious and comprehensive program that supports and recognises small businesses across Australia.

Offering a unique opportunity to highlight Australia’s most outstanding small businesses, the awards seek to recognise the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy.

The awards are the pinnacle of business success. They recognise the values associated with successful businesses.

Business Champions finalist for Think RAPT for intellectual property services that help you streamline standout and scale
Business Champions finalist for Think RAPT for intellectual property services that help you streamline standout and scale


Renée Hasseldine

CEO & Founder


Renée is the awesome mum of two sensational kids. Her third baby is the Think RAPT system. Simply put, she is unequivocally passionate about enabling you to use visual models to have massive impact in your business.

Renée is a highly evolved, super-smart original. While she’s definitely one of a kind, to help you out, think Erin Brokovich (fights for justice), mixed with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master), and throw in just a little Pink (superbly wicked) for good measure.

When it comes to extracting knowledge, skills, and experience out of thought leaders’ heads and turning it into pictures, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into succinct, inspiring content is sheer brilliance. This is the core of the Think RAPT system, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world.

Renée is a committed advocate for the environment, the underdog and bulletproof coffee. Her enthusiasm for low budget vampire dramas is a little disturbing.

When you meet Renée, expect her take on things to be a little different and her expression to be unique. Both are authentic and spot on. Oh, and order your own piece of cake….

Renée is the best-selling author ofShare Your Passion, co-host ofThe Business Playroomand host of theLeveraged & Loving It Podcast. You can book Renée as a speaker.

Stevie Schafer

General Manager A.K.A. DUNGEON MASTER


Stevie is the person who keeps this business running like a well-oiled machine. Stevie is responsible for ensuring that quality content consistently makes it out into the world, taking Renée’s core content and repurposing it like nobody’s business. And Stevie keeps Renée on track, which is a very serious undertaking!

Stevie is a person of many hidden talents – editing podcasts and videos, writing blogs, articles and newsletters and scheduling social media faster than the speed of light. Wonderfully, Stevie can anticipate what someone needs before they even realise they need it themselves. And if you can think it up, Stevie can make it happen. “Hmmm… I think I might start a podcast,” daydreams Renée. And before anyone else has had a chance to tell her “no”, Stevie has gone and made it happen. And oh my goodness can Stevie get a whole lot of stuff done in a fraction of the time a mere human can.

In addition to the super-human feats as a General Manager, Stevie is the servant of two cat overlords and also does the bidding of a preschooler… fuelled by coffee and something else that only Stevie has access to. I mean, how else can we explain that ridiculous level of productivity?

Downtime activities for Stevie include playing Dungeons & Dragons and video games. Is anyone surprised?

Melissa Love

Visual Model witch


Melissa Love is a surprise package. On the one hand she is a crazed St Kilda Saints fan and on the other she is an intuitive reader, healer and artist. She also loves her two fur babies (cats) Jasmine and Marley.

Melissa is in charge of working her magic and creating the visual models for our Authority Accelerator clients, efficiently and soulfully. Because that’s how she works. When you work with Renee to create your signature system, it will be Melissa’s handy work behind the scenes that turns your sketches into sexy models.

Sol Babas

admin support a.k.a. lifesaver


Sol speaks 5 languages, although you could say she’s had to learn a 6th since dealing with Renee’s colourful expressions! She has a Bachelor of Science, in Accounting, and is a brilliant team player. She also loves the beach and mountain hiking. Nature is her happy place. She also loves to bake and is a fan of romance and sci-fi movies.

Sol is in charge of making sure all the social media and event promotion happens consistently. She’s responsible for making sure we take all the necessary actions to get bums on seats at our events. She also takes care of all the book-keeping for the business. She gets stuff done and gives the rest of the team the support they need to get on with the work in their zones of genius. Her attention to detail is an essential skill in the team and we couldn’t do it all without her.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying

Renee has true talent in making sense of complex offerings and framing them in a way that resonates persuasively with potential clients. Engaging, experienced and knowledgeable, she is great to work with and delivers real results.

The models she produced to clearly articulate the value of our offering have directly contributed to a significant uptick in new business – the first proposal we used them in resulted in a major new client engagement – and the ‘pitch’ material based upon them receives rave reviews. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her services very highly indeed.

Daniel Roberts

Consulting Director, Modis

Until meeting Renee at Think RAPT, we didn’t really see the value of documenting and promoting our methodology and proprietary processes. Working with Renee was transformative for our team and business – both in process and outcome. We now have a set of visual models which we are using to position us as truly different and as a litmus test to confirm fitness of new relationships. The models give potential clients assurance that we will achieve similar results for them that we have achieved for our past clients. But what’s really exciting is that we now have systematised our core processes, which will allow us to scale very easily.

Darren Taylor

Managing Director and Head of Strategy and Research, Taylor and Grace

Renee has one of the quickest, brightest, logical and intuitive brains I’ve worked with in my 30 year+ corporate career.

Working with Renee to develop my signature system has produced a 10x ROI within 12 months.

Renee excels in making the complex simple and is an amazing servant leader.

And she has a knack of making the whole process fast and fun!

Lia Zalums

Founder and Director, ZedAxis

Kerry-Anne Nelson, director of Operation Verve shares how invaluable having her Think RAPT system is to her whole business.

Tyson Franklin on how easy it is to extract your Think RAPT system with Renee Hasseldine.

Renee is a true expert in signature systems and an all-round business dynamo.

After years of frustration not being able to clearly articulate how I work, why it’s different and how to get that across in my marketing – she helped me nail it in a matter of days!

If you have a service-based business, you will find working with her is an excellent investment. 

Amanda Blennerhassett

Founder and 7 Figure Strategist, Brand Savvy

Creating my 4 models made a massive impact on my business.

Using my new models, I presented a five-minute talk to a room full of business owners… This very first five-minute presentation had a 50% conversion of the room

This has never happened before and I 100% attribute this success to the Authority Accelerator program that Renee has put together.

This program has completely transformed my business.

Anna Osherov


I had the pleasure of working with Renee on a pitch document for a business partner.

I ended up with a System that can be used for multiple purposes and a pitch that was very successful. She was very good at condensing and simplifying a lot of information into a presentation that was tailor-fit to the audience and fully customisable.

I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone to contact her to discuss your business and discover the value that she can add. 

Charles Zerafa

Finance Professional

“The Think RAPT System is just SO brilliant.” – Dr Sarya Oud

“The [Certification] course is brilliantly structured” – Sarah Birken.

Renee’s ability to pull out people’s ‘genius zone’ as she calls it and create a system backed up by visual models is second to none.

I enjoy using these models in my presentations and all my marketing. I highly recommend her model and system for any business owner.

Natasa Denman

Founder, Ultimate 48 Hour Author

Working on my business using Renee’s great Signature System program and her personal insights and advice has made a world of difference to both myself and my business. I highly recommend Renee: her commitment and passion to see her clients expand through the creation of visual models is both inspiring and life-changing. Now that I can see more clearly through the eyes of those I wish to assist, and what their needs are thanks to Renee. Thank you, Renee. The best is yet to come.

Rod Steele

Career and Leadership Coach

Renee Hasseldine is simply a genius!

After working with Renee I have crystalised the complexities of my business management services into four infographics which make communicating my value simple and straight to the point.

I have used these models to direct the creation of my entire service program, plus my social media content, my sales presentation, my keynote talk, and my next book.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Director, Operation Verve

Lauren Kress – Think RAPT Certified Specialist Graduate

I’m really excited to become a certified Think RAPT specialist and excitingly I’ve already closed one client with my new trailblazer program that we put together during the four-day course.”

By combining what I was already doing (brand building) with Think RAPT and helping people to understand the importance of having the foundation of what it is that they do and who it is that they’re serving before they start putting content out there is really, really powerful and it’s sort of been something that’s sold itself.


Think RAPT  is a values-based organisation. Our team members, suppliers and clients must be aligned with our values. If you believe in what we talk about below, we’re going to get along great and achieve fabulous things together. 

Our Core Values


We love our work and approach it with creativity and joy. We appreciate playfulness and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We are seriously committed to being solution focused, innovative, pro-active and driven by client results. When our clients win, we are happy.


We believe in 100% honesty. We speak up, speak out and stand up for what we believe in. We don’t sacrifice what we believe in for quick wins.


We value self care and care for each other and our clients. We are generous, kind and just and strive to make the world a better place.


We take great joy in making complexity and chaos clear and simple.

Please refer to our Diversity & Inclusion policy.

Please don’t do this…

Please do not use gendered greetings. E.g. Ladies and gentlemen. This can have the unintended effect of excluding people and we are NOT okay with that.

Who we DON’T work with…

We choose not to work with the following:

  • industries harmful to animals e.g. meat, egg, dairy, horse racing industries
  • inherently environmentally unfriendly businesses e.g. no coal mining or fossil fuels
  • businesses or organisations who are not pro-choice
  • diet culture. We will not tolerate any form of body shaming
  • MLM. Their business model is not a good fit for how we work


At Think RAPT, two of our values are Integrity and Compassion. This extends to standing for diversity and inclusion.

And we don’t just mean tick a box. Wham, bam, done! (We love a checklist, but this ain’t a good one).

Our team is very well represented when it comes to women. We also have LGBTQIA+ representation. But we acknowledge that we are (mostly) able-bodied, neurotypical, white people, and with that comes a lot of privilege (that we try to wield for good). 

That being said, here’s what we stand for:

  • Active anti-racism 
  • Indigenous rights
  • Refugee rights
  • LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Disability rights
  • Body neutrality

We are dedicated to learning and improving in all areas to make Think RAPT an inclusive business and client experience. 

Here are some things that we have done (or are doing) to put our values into action:

  • Indigenous allyship training for all team members
  • Donate to refugee charities
  • Make a consistent effort to use correct pronouns 
  • Don’t allow diet culture into our community spaces
  • Improve screen reader access to our materials via captions (an ongoing project) and alt tags on website images

We know diversity and inclusion isn’t a set-and-forget activity. It’s a lifelong learning and practice. We ultimately hope to be part of a more inclusive and equal future.

We’re sure that some people reading this might not like what we stand for. And that’s okay. We probably won’t be a good fit working together and wish you well in your endeavours.

Thank you for reading our Diversity and Inclusion Statement. 

Please reach out to stevie@thinkrapt.com if you are from a marginalised community and have constructive feedback or questions on our diversity and inclusion position.

The Think RAPT team.


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