Who wants to have a massively engaged, effective team, happier clients and a more successful business? I think that’s everyone right?

On this episode, I’m joined by winning teams expert, Paul Ashley Jensen to share his signature system for creating winning teams.

This episode was a pertinent one for me. I’ve just grown my team and I’m feeling the pressures that come with that.

Paul’s advice is simple and effective for ensuring that you as the leader create a team that’s engaged and effective. And the massive benefits of that is happier clients and a more profitable business. HELL YEAH! I want that!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why we should care about winning teams
  • Why leaders should speak last Leaders need to invest into their own development Receiving feedback is the key to growth
  • Examples of giving good feedback
  • Steps to building winning teams:
    1. Provide aafe space for feedback
    2. Reflect on where you are as a person
    3. Actively listen
    4. Celebrate
    5. Give feedback and how to give feedback that’s in the Goldilocks Zone.
    6. Receive feedback
  • And more.

Find out more about Paul Ashley Jensen

Paul Ashley Jensen is described by those who know him well as the People person. Paul is a father, a serial entrepreneur who has been helping leaders build winning teams on four continents for over a decade He believes we all deserve happy and fulfilling relationships at home and at work This year he has a launched a network of aspiring executives – where he is helping high achievers get into executives positions faster and arrive in their new roles better prepared.

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