Creating a great team culture can feel like a huge undertaking. Where do you even start? What tools do you need?

In this episode, I chat to the wonderful Katherine Robertson all about building your team culture. My team and I recently had a session with her to help define our own values as a team.

Before, when it was just me, the values were very top-down. These are MY values, and my team has to get on board with that. Now, as my team has grown, I’ve become more aware that to work well as a team, we need a set of values that is bigger than me. So, we sat down and had a fabulous session with Katherine Robertson to extract our team values. When it comes down to the crunch, what can we all 100% get behind?

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of creating a team culture
  • Why team culture needs to be horizontally created
  • The journey to leadership
  • How establishing values can get you through the tough times
  • The leadership compass – what do great leaders have?
  • The role of self awareness as a leader
  • Why communication is a large component of leadership success
  • And more

Find out more about Katherine Robertson

Katherine Robertson is a dynamic Leadership Coach, who thrives in Culture Change & creating healthy Team Dynamics. With her Leadership program, Katherine’s strength lays in assisting Leaders to “Lead by Example”, to unlock their potential and produce the results they desire in every aspect of their life. Discover how to transform your thinking, leverage your strengths and develop new ideas to be able to enrich your performance & support others to do the same.

Katherine has over 20 years leadership experience within the retail and construction industries, has danced between Project management, Product development yet the Relationship with Stakeholders and Team is what has made the difference to her results. She knows that trust & collaboration is the key to productivity & commitment to bring in the optimal outcome. Katherine is a Certified Consultant of both Meta Dynamics™ & Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling Tool, a Certified Meta Dynamics™ Practitioner & qualified coach. 

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