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Do you feel like you’re not quite doing what you’re supposed to be doing? Living a life that’s in line with your values creates authenticity. In this episode of Leveraged & Loving Podcast, Renee chats to Nigel “Coach Will” Polak about how to be authentic in your life and business and the huge difference that it can make to both spheres.

About “Coach Will” Polak

Coach Will is a qualified and experienced counsellor, coach, teacher and trainer who understands life, people and what it’s all about. His mission is to connect people to a more authentic experience of life, career and relationships. He believes that facing the truth about human existence can lead to a greater sense of freedom, responsibility and authenticity, that benefits not only individuals, but also their communities and the world at large. He offers coaching and counselling to individuals who yearn to live a life of greater authenticity, freedom, connection and purpose; to couples who want to be better and live better, together; and to individuals as part of online or face-to-face groups and workshops.




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