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A healthy money mindset can do wonders for your business and your life. This week I’m joined by guest Linda Ho who shares her best tips for giving your money mindset a makeover.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why should people care about their money mindset?
  • The power of working on your money mindset
  • Selling big-ticket packages
  • How can we change our mindset?
  • Diversifying your income streams
  • Balancing new opportunities with realistic expectations
  • Linda’s experience with selling an online course
  • How to figure out what your money mindset is
  • How long does it take to sort out your money mindset

    More about Linda Ho

     Linda Ho is a NLP and Hypnosis Trainer, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Speaker and Mentor to Entrepreneurial Business Owners. Her audience stretches all across New Zealand, Australia, America and Germany and has been described as “Inspiring”, “Direct” and “Humorous”. Linda is the creator of Infinite Growth Ltd, The alternative Solution Festival and Woman tapping into their infinite potential.

    Visit Linda Ho’s website


    renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine works with consultants, experts & thought leaders to turn what is in their brilliant minds into powerful Think RAPT systems using visual models. Her knack for extracting and unpacking thoughts and turning them into unique intellectual property is sheer genius.

    Renée is the author of the best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’, she is the host of the ‘Leveraged and Loving It’ podcast and a panel member on The Business Playroom TV.

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