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Podcasts can massively grow your profile and your business. But should you launch one? How do you do that? In this episode, Renee chats with podcasting Queen, Katie Wyatt. Katie shares her wisdom on who should start a podcast, when to dive in and more.

About Katie Wyatt

Katie is a podcaster, speaker, writer, coach and trainer.

Katie isn’t just building a business – she’s building an empire! She’s helping others to build theirs too.

One of Katie’s superpowers is the ability to teach and guide other women to take action to step up and build their empires too.

Katie is an inspiring blend of intelligence, strategy, wit and charm. She has grown her authority, influence and online presence rapidly using the podcasting platform. After launching her first successful podcast – Empire by Design – in 2014 she has made a name in the podcasting world.

She is the founder of the course PodWell for entrepreneurs to learn to grow their profile and influence with a podcast, and Podcast Empire a membership community for podcasters focused on growing their audience, converting more clients and creating community.

She facilitates two free Facebook communities – Empire Builders and Podcaster Posse

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