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Sales conversations can be a nightmare. Hands up if you’ve personally screwed up a sales call. Good, we’re all friends here! In this conversation, Renee chats to Darcy Smyth. Darcy is the creator of the Tonal Persuasion Method and a sales coach. But, don’t be fooled – there’s no manipulation or yucky sales here. 

About Darcy Smyth 

With an expansive and versatile knowledge background into the world of human behaviour, the psychology of sales and the motivations of decision making Darcy J Smyth is well-known in the coaching world as a renegade of selling in the modern era.

Darcy holds education of himself and others in high value and has put countless hours into expanding his sales capabilities to pass onto his clients. Darcy has achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Psychophysiology, an NLP Master Practitioner certification as well as a Meta Dynamics Level 3 Facilitation certification and is a certified coach with the International Coach Guild. Although these qualifications form a good foundation for knowledge in the sales field Darcy knows the real evidence of success is in the results through the thousands of hours of practice he has committed to as a coach and mentor.

Darcy’s mission is to see you succeed in the industry of sales by helping to realise and utilise what is most important in a sales conversation, especially when you believe in your product and service.

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