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I firmly believe that business doesn’t have to be BUSY. You can create a great business without the hustle. And, in this episode, I find a kindred spirit in Shannon Bush.

Shannon has been in business for 10 years and is the founder and Director of Creative Possibility, an innovative coaching, and business development business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why building a bigger business isn’t always better
  • How to do less, but achieve more
  • What can happen when you’re hustlin’ hard
  • Shannon’s business planning framework
  • and much more!

Find out more about Shannon Bush

Shannon Bush is an innovative coaching, and business development business. Her core purpose, inspired by her early experience “working” with her grandmothers in their businesses, is to support small business owners to thrive. And when she says thrive, she means it in a big way. She even named her business magazine after this philosophy, Totally Thriving.

Shannon is a bit of a Business Innovator and she absolutely loves nothing more than teaching her clients how to get ahead and stay ahead using strategic and innovative marketing, mindset and personal leadership initiatives that help them to do less and achieve a whole lot more.

An international best selling author and award winning business woman, Shannon brings to her clients over 20 years experience and expertise in the fields of the arts, health and business.

She loves creating high value, personalised solutions that are enabling. As she sees it, her mission is to support entrepreneurs from all over the world to achieve their business and life goals, while doing less to achieve more. It’s something she calls being in your effortless success zone!

Creative Possibility website:

Facebook: Shannon on Facebook




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