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When we start our coaching businesses, we often have dreams of helping people while having a profitable business. But, we often find that there are things we didn’t learn while getting our coaching qualification – many entrepreneurial skills we have to learn the hard way.

On this episode of Leveraged and Loving It, I chat to Virginia Phillips about many things including:

  • Meeting people where they are
  • The art of being present as a coach 
  • Practical tips on busting through those limiting beliefs around sales
  • Being solutions oriented.
  • How to approach sales authentically
  • Why personal branding doesn’t define personal worth

More about Virginia Phillips

She is a communication and leadership expert, an inspirational speaker, a personal coach, a survivor, and an author. She helps individuals, caregivers and small businesses move forward after trauma, crisis, or change.

Her Entrepreneur Success Academy is receiving rave reviews and is changing the landscape of small business coaching.



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