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Welcome to the Leveraged & Loving It podcast. This podcast is all about creating a life and a business you love by harnessing the power of leverage. 

In this episode I chat to Gary King about a wide array of topics including Self-Worth, his happiness formula and so much more. Gary has a wealth of experience and he shares so much in this episode.

More about Gary King

Gary King is a speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur whose background is diverse and exhilarating, including powerboat racing, internationally known artist and sculptor honored by President Bill Clinton, and General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the television industry.

Gary’s life story is filled with amazing home runs, and the worst strikeouts imaginable, yet he ventures forward with the heart and soul of a victor.

During his last 15 years at the Anthony Robbins events Gary has passionately developed a profound message of Truth, Honesty, Forgiveness and Self-Worth, and travels internationally 6 months each year speaking to business leaders and entrepreneurs, in schools, prisons, and to teen groups. His message is timely and riveting on the subject of Character, Ethics, Integrity and Forgiveness.

His message have appeared in articles featured in Oprah Magazine, O’s Guide to Life, Positive Impact Magazine, and has had numerous articles published on the topic of “Character Is Our Bailout”. Gary’s message has been branded and trademarked as “The Power of Truth” and “The Happiness Formula”, both having dramatically enhanced the lives of thousands of people in many cultures. Gary is passionate about bringing the United States and the world back to a foundation of Self Worth, Character and Integrity which will serve to heal the human heart and soul, along with creating a new curriculum for public schools that incorporates 50% life skills and 50% academics.

His new book, “The Happiness Formula®, The Ultimately Life Makeover™” was released on May 26, 2016 and maintains a 5-star rating on Amazon. 

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