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As coaches and thought leaders we often spend a lot of time creating content – whether it’s for blogs, articles, social media, podcasts, videos, newsletters and more.

It’s a lot to handle! And when you’re new or you’re looking to start outsourcing some of these duties, it can be hard to know where to start.

In this episode, I’m joined by my own Content Manager Stevie Schafer to share her insights and tips on how she repurposes content for others as well as how you can DIY your own Repurposed Content.

We have a lot of laughs and get nerdy together.

More about Stevie Schafer:

Stevie is a leveraged content creator. She has been a content assistant for over 3 years, helping creative women entrepreneurs create and repurpose their content in a variety of gorgeous and powerful ways.

She is the servant of two cat overlords and also does the bidding of a toddler and is fuelled by coffee.



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