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We would all like our businesses to run more efficiently and many of us want to grow our profit margins. To do this, we often focus on lead generation. However, Tim Hyde says we’ve got that backwards. Where we should be looking first is actually improving our business systems first before we turn on the tap.

This episode is all about practical ways to accelerate your business through improving the systems. And, as Tim says, it’s as easy as ABCD.

In this episode, Tim Hyde shares some absolute gold. We discuss:

  • Reframing your business to focus on the lifetime value of customers
  • Nurturing the ongoing customer relationship
  • How to leverage the ongoing relationship with automations and systems
  • 4 stage process to accelerate your business
  • The importance of qualifying out leads
  • The secret to improving conversions
  • Why you should be following up clients and how to do that with automations
  • Building more robust systems to support your customer retention
  • And more.

Plus, you’ll walk away with Tim’s super simple 4 stage system for accelerating your business.

Stage 1 Assess
Stage 2 Build
Stage 3 Consolidate
Stage 4 Drive

Find out more about Tim Hyde:

Marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, Tim Hyde, has seen the way we market our businesses redefined numerous ways over the last 30 years. He knows that finding the right strategy for your business is a daunting task when there are so many options to consider.

As one of Australias leading business accelerator strategists with over 30 Years of consulting, speaking, and most importantly real-life in-the-trenches business experience, Tim helps his clients attract, convert and keep more customers.

Tim appreciates and shares with audiences, how treating your business relationships more like your personal ones will radically transform your business success and win you clients for life.


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