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In this episode, I am joined by the phenomenal Mark Bowness who shares how he applied his tribe building strategies to Facebook groups to grow his million dollar a year business.

Mark shares so much in this episode including:

  • How to get Facebook to send you free leads every day
  • Why your tribe isn’t just your Facebook group
  • How to convert people from Newbies to Torch Bearers for your cause
  • Mark’s exact process for generating clients from a Facebook group
  • His POWerful strategy for overcoming objections
  • And more.

More about Mark Bowness

Mark Bowness has a mission to build and amplify tribes that shape the world. 

Mark’s first business saw him lease a 200 acre-island in Fiji and invite the world to become tribe members who built and developed an eco-island from scratch. Tribe wanted was featured in 200 media outlets around the world, was filmed for 18 months and became a 5 part prime time TV show that aired in three countries.

Mark has helped over 300 coaches, consults, experts and small businesses to build tribes and create powerful media attention grabbing stories as a result.

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