Want to know how some coaches and thought leaders sell out their courses, programs, workshops etc. in mere hours?

Well, it’s not a secret dark art. The legendary Sean D’Souza shares with us his signature 3 step system to ‘presell’.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The fatal mistake online marketers make when selling
  • Why a presell is like a wedding
  • The 3 step process you need to go through to ensure your products sell well
  • How to take 3 months off per year
  • And more!

I hope you enjoy this chat with Sean as much as I had recording it. Sean is a font of amazing knowledge and I love the wisdom that he shares. 

Find out more about Sean D’Souza:

Sean D’Souza is the founder of Psychotactics and 5000BC. He is incredibly knowledgable around why customers buy. And more importantly what stops them from signing on the dotted line, at the very last second. The science and art of persuasion. 

Visit his website Psychotactics.com

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