Coaching is a growing industry. With so many coaches online, how do you stand out and make a splash with your ideal clients?

On this episode of Leveraged and Loving It, I chat to Online Visibility coach Lisa Meisels about her 5 simple steps to help you get noticed online.

We discuss:

  • What trends Lisa is noticing in the online world
  • Why it feels like it’s hard to get noticed
  • Her 5 simple steps to get noticed online
  • And more¬†

More about Lisa Meisels

Lisa Meisels is an Online Visibility Strategist for women who feel a calling to transform lives and positively impact the planet. She believes that your uniqueness is your brilliance. She wants to help you get clear on your message & value, take a stand for what you believe & shine so brightly that you attract exactly those people who have been waiting for you and dreaming of your services. She works with clients to stand out, get seen and become client magnets!

Lisa’s website


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