Manifesting isn’t about “think and it’ll happen”. In this episode, I’m joined by Alex Tripod to share her wisdom and insight around manifesting what you want in your business – whether it’s fully booked workshops, speaking gigs, major publications and more. In a short time, Alex has already manifested all of the above and in this interview, she shares key tips around how you can do it too. This episode is all about the secrets of manifestation that ‘The Secret’ didn’t tell you.

About Alex Tripod

Alex Tripod was secretly obsessed with manifesting, law of attraction and vibration her entire life, but no matter what she did, nothing worked, nothing changed. Then she was thrown a massive wake-up call and everything changed. Now, her obsession is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale. Her “Raise Your vibration” workshops are selling out around Australia and internationally.

Alex Tripod


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