When we create our businesses as coaches and thought leaders, we often think it’s going to be “fun”. However, as we get busy, hustling to find clients, create content, deal with our accounting and any number of other activities, we can soon find the life drained. It’s not fun anymore.

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Amber Hawken about how she maintains fun in her business without sacrificing income and momentum. And, the answer to how to do this might surprise you.

Find out more about Amber Hawken

Amber is an Australian country gal with a big bold and audacious heart. Amber has a Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she’s an NLP Practitioner, and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist and her work is focused around emotional, mental, and spiritual self-mastery. She is the author of The Unf*kwithable Life and a host of the Podcast and YouTube, Just Be You.


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