Udemy is a huge marketplace for online courses. But how can we make the best use of this vast marketplace as experts in our fields? How do we use it to grow our businesses? What are the benefits and cons of using it as a platform over say your own website or similar marketplaces like Skillshare?

Abhay Sharma is my go-to guy for all things Udemy. He is a best-selling Udemy course instructor and in this episode, he answers listener questions about how we can as experts in our area make money, get leads and grow our businesses using Udemy.

More about Abhay Sharma

Abhay Sharma is a Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Udemy Best-Selling Instructor with about 35 thousand students from over 170 countries. He leverages Udemy to consistently generate highly qualified leads for free. And he also works with trainers, coaches and consultants to create and launch Udemy courses and to use them to boost their business.


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