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Video is becoming one of the most important media for coaches and thought leaders to be utilising. It can have a massive impact and help you connect better with your audience. But, it’s fair to say that it’s one of the hardest for many of us to nail. In this episode of the Leveraged & Loving It Podcast, Renee chats to Andrew Eggleton. Andrew coaches on presenting and speaking to camera. He has tips on how to tell effective stories, social media video dos and don’ts and helpful nuggets of wisdom. If you thought doing video was difficult, this episode will change your mind.

About Andrew Eggelton

Andrew Eggelton is modern day System Disruptor, Writer, Artist, TV Presenter, Speaker and his inner child is a Rebel. His mission is to deliver world-class coaching; installing a sense of play so that anyone can perform at levels they had never thought possible in their careers and everyday life. With over 20 odd years in the entertainment industry including working in Films, TV Series, Hosting major events and winning numerous international awards along the way, he shares his gift and helps people become the kings of their thoughts.

Andrew’s website:

Facebook: The Heart of Presenting




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