In this episode I’m joined by the amazing Lorraine Hamilton to discuss marketing your business online without a funnel.

When we start out in online business we’re often told we need to “build our funnel”. You need a website, an opt-in, a low-price offer etc. And once you’ve built your funnel, clients will magically start booking your premium services.

However, that story is very rare. And in this episode, I’m excited to talk to Lorraine Hamilton about how to find high paying clients WITHOUT starting with a funnel.

The key, she says, is in building a referral rich reputation. Find out more about it on this episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why many coaches start in the wrong place
  • Why you can’t create an audience big enough for a funnel to work properly (early on)
  • The difference between successful coaches and who charge a lot of money  and those who don’t
  • Building a referral rich reputation
  • Why niching will never feel restricting
  • And more

More about Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine is an award-winning international coach who has won critical acclaim in life, business, wellness and corporate environments. As well as running her own coaching practice she trains new coaches through her game changing ICF Accredited Coach School. Lorraine is also the creator of Above the Noise – a program for coaches who want to reach their perfect client in an authentic way and is the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

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