On this episode of Leveraged and Loving It, I’m joined by podcast pro Ashleigh Rae to share her tips and techniques for adding podcast guest to your repertoire of business strategies.

Being a guest on a podcast is an incredibly powerful and leveraged strategy.

You get access to brand new networks and get to spend up to an hour with the listeners of the podcast, which is huge! Normally with any other kind of online media, readers or viewers might spend maybe minutes with you. But with a podcast, you’re in their ears for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. It’s huge.

But how do you get onto podcasts as a guest? How do you be a great podcast guest? What tech do you need?

Ashleigh Rae is here to share her podcasting knowledge with us all.

More about Ashleigh Rae

Ashleigh Rae is #podjunkie, and began her virtual assistance business specializing in Podcast Editing and Creation, in January 2018 with her partner, Scotty. Together, they consume 25+ hours of content a week. Ashleigh also supports entrepreneurs to leverage podcasting as very sexy and leveraged strategy for their business and hosts two shows of her own, The Virtually Awesome Podcast for podcasting and Virtual Assistants, and RECOVERY – an advocacy show for survivors of sexual trauma.

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