On this episode, I’m joined by marketing and communication expert Anna Osherov. Anna is also the founder of the Holistic Business Hub in Melbourne.

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret formula to great marketing is, Anna shares her 5 step process in this episode.

These are her 5 key ingredients to market ANYTHING.

A quick overview:

  1. Start with your vision (including mission, goals, values, fears etc.)
  2. Set your goals and make your commitments
  3. Define your audience and clients (and how to do that)
  4. Looking at your product eco-system (and why you need one)
  5. Mastering your pitch (name – same – fame structure). 

Discover all the juicy details of how to implement this in your business by listening to the podcast today.

More about Anna Osherov

Anna Osherov is a Sales & Marketing Specialist a Trainer, a Speaker, a Positive change maker. Her personal vision is for every person to love the life they live. And her mission is to cause global transformation by inspiring every person to be extraordinary. This may sound idealistic and one may ask; how can a marketing specialist achieve these goals? The answer; helping those that help others.

She is also the founder of the Holistic Business Hub in Melbourne.