On this episode, I’m chatting to Steph Clarke, a learning and development professional about the learning mindset of leaders.

As business owners, we’re in a leadership position with our businesses, as the go-to experts in our field and more. So, how do we become better leaders? One answer lies in how we approach learning. And I don’t just mean going to conferences and regular professional development (althougth that’s part of it).

It was great to sit down with Steph Clarke and unpack the leadership learning mindest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is a learning mindset? Is it the same as a growth mindset?
  • How our ego stops us learning
  • How to build a learning habit
  • Thinking bigger than courses
  • How we can take it too far (learning for procrastination)

More about Steph Clarke

Steph is a learning and development professional and brings over nine years experience in corporate learning and development to her business where she helps businesses develop and professionals become more confident, productive and effective leaders. She also hosts the ‘Future Leaders Collective’; a meetup in Melbourne for emerging leaders across industries to come together and learn, collaborate and hear from other successful professionals.

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