In this episode, I’m joined by Melissa Foote, owner and founder of Total Business Services & Training to share with us her journey to growing her business.

Many of us start out as just solo business owners and growing our businesses to employ multiple team members and still making fabulous profit can seem daunting. That’s why I’ve brought Melissa Foote in to share her story of how she’s grown her registered training organisation (RTO) and what that journey has looked like for her.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Building a registered training organisation
  • Transitioning from 1-1 clients to creating a training organisation
  • Creating an ethical training space
  • Benefits of creating a registered training organisation
  • How automation and delegation leads to business freedom
  • Business growth and managing people
  • How looking after your staff improves staff retention
  • Tips for finding a good bookkeeper for your business

Find out more about Melissa Foote

Melissa is the owner and founder of Total Business Services & Training a private RTO specialising in Australian Finance and Business qualifications. She is also a registered BAS agent, Fellow of the ICB and finance and business consultant that loves to help business owners get their operations and finances in order. Melissa loves nothing more than to make finance approachable, realistic and achievable, thus hoping to make accounting more sexy and appealing to business owners.

Total Business Services & Training

Melissa Foote’s website

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