What if a key person in your team left tomorrow? Would someone else be able to immediately step in and start doing their role? If not, you’ve got a major risk in your business. The best way to plug that hole is get systems and document them.

But the process of actually documenting systems can feel like a gargantuan task. Many of us grew our business from just one person (ourselves!) and then took on team members. Everything feels very ad hoc and key-person dependent.

In this episode I’m joined by Workplace Process Architect Kerry Anne Nelson, to share her signature system for extracting all of those business processes and getting them documented.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of back end systems and processes

  • Risk management

  • Creating a sellable asset

  • Key ingredients to master to create sustainable systems in your business

  • Getting help when you need it

  • Outsourcing

  • The power of content libraries

  • Documentation

  • How to maintain documentation and systems

  • How to have accountability in your teams

  • What the benefits are of documentation

  • And more

Find out more about Kerry Anne Nelson

On 28th May 2014 Kerry Anne Nelson returned from her family business to find her husband had passed away unexpectedly at home. The next day Kerry Anne asked herself one question: “Do I let my passion die with him, or do I follow it with everything I have?” She restructured then sold her business to pursue her newfound purpose. Now, Kerry Anne is a business process genius using speaking, writing and events to help business owners follow their passion. Her years in business management, education, events and leadership have set Kerry Anne up for wins in developing business growth systems.

Kerry Anne Nelson’s website

Operation Verve


renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine works with consultants, experts & thought leaders to turn what is in their brilliant minds into powerful Think RAPT systems using visual models. Her knack for extracting and unpacking thoughts and turning them into unique intellectual property is sheer genius.

Renée is the author of the best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’, she is the host of the ‘Leveraged and Loving It’ podcast and a panel member on The Business Playroom TV.