Most businesses have a wealth of untapped potential.

Johann Nogueira shares with us the many ways that businesses can build their product eco systems to drive more leads, more sales, and importantly, more consistent cash flow.

From examples of big companies like Apple and Facebook, there are strategies that many of us as coaches, consultants and thought leaders can be implementing today to steadily grow our businesses.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A variety of examples of products within eco-systems
  • What would an eco-system look like for you
  • A new way of using Facebook ads
  • The power of micro-subscriptions in your business
  • How to implement up-sells into your funnels
  • Why book funnels are fantastic
  • And more.

Find out more about Johann Nogueira

Johann’s business, My Alliance, now has a full time staff of 80 people around the globe and 12 key staff in Australia. Johann has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 1,000 clients in more than 40 industries, worldwide. He has dealt with most types of business and he thrives on studying, and solving, business questions, challenges and opportunities that are presented to him. He does this with a focus on technology and utilizing the systems he has built over the last decade.

Johann Nogueira’s website


renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine works with consultants, experts & thought leaders to turn what is in their brilliant minds into powerful Think RAPT systems using visual models. Her knack for extracting and unpacking thoughts and turning them into unique intellectual property is sheer genius.

Renée is the author of the best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’, she is the host of the ‘Leveraged and Loving It’ podcast and a panel member on The Business Playroom TV.