A 1 hour online masterclass to learn how to save time and make money with content that sells.

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Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to generating new, relevant and purposeful content for your target audience?


We all know that sharing the right message at the right time at each and every stage of the customer journey is key to making a high-ticket sale.


But that’s hard!


And a lot of content marketing and thought leadership training out there doesn’t help because the time, effort and “hustle” required to implement this is INSANE!


We know that for a consultant or coach who is focused on serving their clients and delivering value you need to be able to smash things out fast, effectively and with purpose.


That’s why Renée Hasseldine, CEO of Think RAPT has created the Content Creation Machine.


With this tool you’ll only need:


✅ 1 hour to map 1 year’s worth of social media posts


✅ 30 minutes to turn your bespoke service into a repeatable, high-ticket offer


✅ 15 minutes to develop your lesson-by-lesson course outline


✅ 3 days to draft your expert book


… and that’s just the beginning. There’s so much more you can do with the Content Creation Machine once you get the hang of it!


To find out just how easy it is to stand out, streamline and scale your business with Think RAPT’s Content Creation Machine, join us for our online Masterclass.

About Renée Hasseldine


Renée Hasseldine is the founder of Think RAPT, which is a multi-award winning visual pitching and proposal system. She is an international speaker and the best-selling author of three books, including her latest book ‘Get Visual!’. A self-proclaimed “weirdo”, she loves nerding out on intellectual property and gets excited by visual models and spreadsheets.



“If you know your stuff, and you want to make it so that it’s easy to communicate, and then for people to not only know and understand what you offer, but can then absorb that information in a really great way, then you’ve got to come.”

Rosie Shilo

Owner, Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants


“Renee’s Think RAPT workshop was fantastic. It helped me clearly articulate my coaching approach in a way that was engaging to clients and got cut through. I used Renee’s approach in my next pitch and closed a high-value deal. Thanks, Renee for sharing your knowledge.”

Rajiv Jayarajah, MAppComm, ACC

High-Performance Team & Leadership Coach, Bare Inc


“Renee’s visual model training was a total gamechanger for how I talk about my work. The ability to tell a visual story means prospective clients can easily see where they are in their journey and how my work contributes to their success. I’m now using my models to outline my next book.” 

Lorraine Hamilton

Founder, Coach School


“I needed something like this in my business because I’ve got so much knowledge in my head that I’ve gathered over a long long time that I use to help my clients and I wanted to be able to consolidate it and to streamline it into something that would be easy to package and show clients what I can offer them.”

Christian Grancourt


AN EXTRA $50,000

“Using Renée’s models, I would have easily made another $50,000 this year that I wouldn’t have. The difference is I walk in with all my models and a client can see that I’m professional and I’ve done my homework. The models give me the ability to stand out from my competition.  Clients can see a tangible product and that means I’m able to win clients that I otherwise wouldn’t have. “

Andrew Eggelton

Presenting Mentor


“I have been guilty of rambling and waffling on about the stuff that I do. I really needed to have something that would cut straight to the chase of what I do, why I do it, and the benefit that it provides for the people that I work with. This was my shortcut. I don’t want to waste any more time with waffling.”

Kerry Anne Nelson

Business Process Consultant