Podcast: Leveraged & Loving It

Ep 53. Using Udemy to Grow Your Business with Abhay Sharma

Udemy is a huge marketplace for online courses. How do we use it to grow our businesses? Abhay Sharma is my go-to guy for all things Udemy. He answers listener questions about how we can as experts in our area make money, get leads and grow our businesses using Udemy.

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Ep 34. Why You Need an Audio Book with Ocean Reeve

We all thought eBooks were going to be the future. Well, move over Kindle, audio books are the more leveraged way people are consuming their content. I chat to Ocean Reeve about why coaches and thought leaders need to have an audio book

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Ep 32. Explode Your Business Growth with Samantha Riley

Want to know how to use Position, Profile, and Exposure to fully explode your business? In this episode, I have my first return guest, Samantha Riley. Sam’s latest visual model elegantly describes how you can harness these three elements to market your business with exceptional results.

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Ep 31. Get Laser Clear Your Ideal Client Kym Mulcahy

On this episode, I chat to Kym Mulcahy about online marketing and personal branding. We chat about getting laser clear on your ideal client and connecting and engaging with them. Kym has a 3 part system for achieving this and she generously shares her insights and tips on this episode.

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Ep 17. Future Proof Your Business with Lisa Brincat

Lisa Brincat from Tipping Point Consultants introduces us to the idea of future proofing ourselves and our businesses. How do we make sure we’re agile and adaptable in a fast-paced changing world? What financial systems do we need to have in place to give ourselves lives that we love and be financially stable? Lisa shares with us her expert insider tips.

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Ep 14. How to Start a Podcast with Katie Wyatt

Podcasts can massively grow your profile and your business. But should you launch one? How do you do that? In this episode Renee chats with podcasting Queen, Katie Wyatt. Katie shares her wisdom on who should start a podcast, when to dive in and more.

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Ep 9. Building Your Epic Profile with Vanessa Talbot

Building your profile as a coach or a thought leader can feel like an uphill struggle. On Leveraged and Loving It episode 9, Renee chats to profile building extraordinaire, Vanessa Talbot. In this episode, Renee and Vanessa discuss the steps you need to take to build your profile, creating a wildly engaged Facebook group and much more!

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Do you want to be Leveraged & Loving It? The Leveraged & Loving It Podcast is for coaches and thought leaders. You’ll learn all about how to create more leverage in your business so you can make more money in less time, spend more time with your friends and family, and love your business even more (without the burnout). Join your host Renée Hasseldine as she shares her top leveraging lessons and enjoy her interviews with top coaches and thought leaders about how they’ve created businesses that they love.

Are you a coach or thought leader? Imagine…

Having more time and making money by actually working LESS

Sharing your passion in a sustainable way (no more burnout)

Running a business in harmony with your ideal lifestyle

Saying goodbye to the glorification of ‘busyness’

Knowing your business won’t fall apart as soon as you look away

Doing more of what you actually LOVE to do (more fun, less blaaaa)

This could be your new reality after you become Leveraged & Loving It with The Leveraged Coach.

The Leveraged Coach is a 6 module, practical step-by-step action plan for coaches who are ready to escape the time-for-money trap by achieving more with less. It contains no-fluff content that’s easy to digest and implement, so you get results FAST (because I know how busy you are!).