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Buy a copy of Renee Hasseldine’s first book Share Your Passion and receive a free ticket to the Half Day workshop.

About the Book

This book outlines Renee’s proven 7-Stage process to leverage your expertise and make a difference. It inspires and motivates you to ignite your passion and become famous for your own unique methodology, with a step-by-step action plan to escape the time for money trap. If you want to turn your knowledge and experiences and deliver it into online courses, group programs, live workshops and retreats – this is a must-read.

About the Workshop

A 3.5-hour workshop (2nd December 2020 AEDT) where you’ll discover the power of our award-winning Think RAPT System. You’ll dive into what a Think RAPT System is, how to make your own and the benefits you’ll get from creating one for your business.

Discover how a Think RAPT™ System gives you the ability to: 

  • STREAMLINE: Deliver high-quality services efficiently and effectively, improving your profit margins and creating content and products faster than ever before.
  • STAND OUT: Capture your audience’s attention and win more contracts and proposals with clear messaging that demonstrates exactly why clients should work with you.
  • SCALE: Reduce key person risk and bottlenecks in your business to increase capacity and profit without sacrificing results, so that your business can grow and have a massive impact.

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