Does your business experience any of the following problems?

Over the last few days, you’ve learned what a Think RAPT System is, how to make one, and why consulting businesses can have a massive impact when they embrace this approach. 

In this video, we’re unpacking the 3 main reasons people chose to work with Think RAPT.

Are you ready to create your very own Think RAPT® System for your consulting business? 

Let’s make sure you’re on the right track.


Using Renée’s models, I would have easily made another $50,000 this year that I wouldn’t have.

The difference is I walk in with all my models and a client can see that I’m professional and I’ve done my homework.

The models give me the ability to stand out from my competition. 

Clients can see a tangible product and that means I’m able to win clients that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Andrew Eggelton

Presenting Mentor

Creating my 4 models made a massive impact on my business.

Using my new models, I presented a five-minute talk to a room full of business owners… This very first five-minute presentation had a 50% conversion of the room… This has never happened before and I 100% attribute this success to the Authority Accelerator program that Renee has put together.

This program has completely transformed my business.

Anna Osherov


After working with Renee I have crystalised the complexities of my business management services into four infographics which make communicating my value simple and straight to the point.

I have used these models to direct the creation of my entire service program, plus my social media content, my sales presentation, my keynote talk, and my next book.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Director, Operation Verve