Win More Clients with Visual Models

More Impact. Less Time. 

Streamline, Standout & Scale

Crafting high-quality visual models for you business leads to greater clarity for you and your clients in every interaction and engagement. And that means higher conversions, being able to charge higher prices and the ability to make a bigger impact in your zone of genius.


Whether you’re already familiar with the amazing potential of visual models for your business or you’re just discovering what a game changer they are, this training is designed for you.


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Here’s What You’ll Learn

#1 How to Streamline Your Service Delivery

Work smarter not harder with a streamlined & profitable business model. Turn your unique intellectual property (IP) into a repeatable proven system that works for clients AND for you! 

#2 How to Standout & Win Clients

Our multi-award winning Think RAPT system allows you to add massive value, educate your audience, and win clients with confidence, credibility, and integrity.

#3 How to Scale & Grow Your Business

The Think RAPT system is your ticket to scaling & growing your business. Say hello to a future where your business thrives and has a massive impact. 

Why You NEED to Use Visual Models ASAP

People’s attention spans are shrinking.


If you want to cut-through all the noise, you need to be smart.


Our brains prefer visual information.


More than 50% of your brain’s processing power is dedicated to processing visual information.


That’s how we’ve evolved.


See lion.




So we want to tap into that.


The transition from words to visuals literally changes everything.


  • changes everything in the form of clearly communicating your value
  • changes everything in the form of conversions
  • changes everything in the form of people being willing to pay more

If you are sophisticated enough to turn your intellectual property into visual models, then you’ll be playing at a world class level.

Meet Your Visual Models Coach

Hey there! I’m Renée Hasseldine, the creator of the Think RAPT system. My mission? To take your jumbled mess of knowledge and transform it into visually stunning, impactful messaging that accelerates you to massive impact.


But that’s not all. I have a confession to make—I’m absolutely obsessed with spreadsheets and checklists. I know, it’s a bit weird, but it’s my secret weapon for keeping things on track and organised.


With over two decades of experience running my own consulting business, I’ve seen it all. I’m not just another author or speaker; I’m a three-time best-selling author and an internationally sought-after speaker. But what truly lights me up is witnessing the incredible results my clients achieve every single day.


So, let’s team up and create some real magic together. Are you ready? Let’s dive in and make it happen.

What our clients have to say about working with us...

It helped me clearly articulate my coaching approach in a way that was engaging to clients and got cut through.


I used the approach in my next pitch and closed a high-value deal.

Rajiv Jayarajah

Leadership & Executive Coach

I put four models together in two days and I never would have thought I'd be able to get what was in [my head] on paper so easily. The process to go through was simple. You should do it. Believe me, you should do it. It's worth it.

Tyson Franklin

Podiatry Business Coach

I just got paid my first $55k team coaching program upfront in the bank! Renee Hasseldine your models rock! And you are da bomb business brain! Mwahhh! Thank you for all you are and sharing your secrets so generously!

Lia Zalums

Professional Leadership Performance Coach

The models give my potential clients assurance that we will achieve similar results for them that we have achieved for our past clients. But what’s really exciting is that we now have systematised our core processes, which will allow us to scale very easily.

Darren Taylor

Managing Director, Taylor & Grace

Before working with Think RAPT, I didn't really know what I was doing. There was this lack of clarity and kind of understanding how I could separate different products, what the problems that I was solving were and the methods that I was going through to solve people's problems. I was just flying by the seat of my pants. Whereas now, I know If I was to actually go through my visual models, I could run a webinar on each of these things. It's clarity. Working with Think RAPT is going to change a business, but more importantly, it's going to change you in the way that you think about your business and what you can offer people.

Dixie Crawford

RAP & Aboriginal Engagement Consultant

Renée's method is a stroke of genius.
As somewhat of a cynic for 'models' and 'strategy', my experience with the RAPT system could only be described as transformational.


I now feel I have developed the business case for "why" I should be funded and that enables me to really lean into chasing the types of jobs that inspire and excite me. It has also enabled me to connect back with the importance of my work and restore belief in my own abilities.

Thankyou for your work Renée.

Mitchell Withers

Documentary Filmmaker

Renée has true talent in making sense of complex offerings and framing them in a way that resonates persuasively with potential clients. Engaging, experienced and knowledgeable, she is great to work with and delivers real results. The models- the first proposal we used them in resulted in a major new client engagement – and the ‘pitch’ material based upon them receives rave reviews. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her services very highly indeed.

Daniel Roberts

Consulting Director, Modis

Clicking through these models you've created for me has brought tears to my eyes. They're so beautiful and explain where I'm coming from so clearly! Thank you a million times over!

Terri Adams-Munn

Owner & Founder, Ten Thousand Dreams

It's an awesome course - get on board everybody.... It's game changing! Thanks so much Renée Hasseldine for your awesome brain and models! Loved the process and the clarity I now have .... hallelujah!

Melanie Colling

Project Management Professional l PMP® l CPPD

RAPT and working with Renee has been the best business decision I have ever made in my life. It has changed the trajectory of my business and how I offer my services. 


My message is so much more clear and succinct. My visual models are beautiful. All the things that I've ever worked on over the last 15 years of my own personal development and business journey have now a place to live in a clear succinct format that communicates so beautifully to my ideal client. It just feels so clean, so clear and I'm so very grateful. 


If you're sitting on the fence, stop it, get off it. Yeah, this is your life. We get one shot. 


Do yourself a favour. You'll never look back.

Ella Hall

Breakthrough Success Coach, Pleasure Power Expert

This woman is an absolute genius when it comes to taking all of those smart ideas that we've got locked away in our heads as professionals in our field and turning them into these really clever visual models that allow you to communicate the true value of your services. 


I've been saying to everyone that I honestly believe if there was only one business building program you could do in your lifetime, it should be this one. 


So, go ahead. I loved it. I hope you love it too.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Workplace Process Architect, Operation Verve

Last week for the first time I used my new slide deck in front of 500 HR Professionals. Although I had been speaking for 5 years, a lot of my content had changed and needed some help in putting the pieces in a 'sellable' way. It always seems good in our head, but for others it is not always very clear!


So, I took on Renée Hasseldine's Think RAPT course and the results were so amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping me really clarify my message and my slides. The organisers said I was the 'Show-Stopper' of the day by my energy (really??) and by my content, so a BIG MERCI Renée.

Claire Boscq

International Keynote Speaker

Creating my four models made a massive impact on my business.


Using my new models, I presented a five minute talk to a room full of business owners to introduce my new workshop Build Your Business With Events. This very first five minutes presentation, that I completed using my new models, had a 50% conversion of the room into attending my workshop. This has never happened before and I 100% attribute this success to the program that Renée has put together. This program has completely transformed my business.


If you want to identify your zone of genius, extract your brilliance and leverage your legacy, I recommend you complete Renée's program!

Anna Osherov

Co-founder of Flintt, Speaker, Eventologist

The support that I got from all of the team is just so amazing.


I felt that my ideas and my brilliance that I have in my mind, was going to just stay in my mind. But there was a system, there was a way, and with Renee's love and support and wisdom, she walked with me along the path to extract all of these things. And we created my signature system.


I'm a happy client. If you were thinking about it, just jump in, go straight into it, jump in and I hope it gives you the success, the brilliance and the confidence it gave me and even more.

Dr. Sarya Oud

Magical Embodiment

I needed something like this for my business. Because I've got so much knowledge in my head that I've gathered over a long, long time that I use to help my clients. And what I wanted to be able to do was to be able to take a lot of that and consolidate it and to streamline it into something that would be easy to package.


I think that the key benefit is just having that real tangible system that I can use to build some real long-term success for what I do.

Christian Grancourt

Consultant & Business Analyst

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