Why should you be using visual models or infographics for your website? 

We love infographics/visual models, but that’s not just because we’re nerds. (We are nerds, but that’s not the point of this post!)

There are five key reasons why you should be using visual models and infographics on your website pages and landing pages.

1. Communicate faster with infographics on your website

So the first one is your clients are busy when they are coming to your website and they’re looking for information. They want it fast, right?  

In today’s society, we want everything and we want it yesterday. We’re not used to waiting!

Let’s talk FAST AND SLOW.

Infographics for your website example. This image is of two cogs. One red that says "System 1 Fast". The other is grey and says "System 2 Slow".

In Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman shows that the brain uses two different systems to process information.

System 1 is FAST and automatic. When you see a STOP sign, System 1 recognises it instantly, before you even realise it.

System 2 is SLOW and requires conscious effort. Try to mentally calculate 27 x 36; no answer springs to mind automatically, but if you choose to engage System 2, you can probably work out the solution. 

System 1 produces answers quickly and efficiently and values things that ‘feel right’. It works almost instantly and without effort. For example, visual models, things that rhyme, alliteration and acronyms will appeal to System 1. 

So when you can present your information in visual model format, you’re going to be able to present more information in a faster way and so people are gonna be able to absorb that information quickly and easily. 

And that’s going to help to answer their questions and be of benefit to them.

2. Be Clearer

Visual models and infographics for your business website can help you communicate in a much clearer and more succinct way.

Much like the above point about thinking fast and slow, if you’ve got visual models that are extracted correctly, they’ll be super clear to your audience.

They won’t have to think too hard to understand what it is you’re trying to convey. If your audience has to think too hard, they’ll just bounce right off and go to someone else’s website.

3. Influence and convert more

Visual models are powerful in terms of influencing, they actually will improve and increase your conversion rates. 

Visual models work because our brains love visual information. In fact, we dedicate more than 50% of its processing power to processing visual information.

So when you’re presenting information on your website in a visual format, you’re going to help your clients to say yes and to get the information they need, and therefore they’re more likely to work with you. 

4. Enhance your credibility

You are going to be seen as a more credible authority in your zone of genius when you can present your information in a clear and articulate manner and visual models and infographics for your website give you the structure for doing this.

No one likes the expert who spends hours waffling and makes no sense! In fact, it can make your target audience distrust you.

So, don’t be like that guy. Explain things in a clear manner that your audience can understand.

5. Protect your intellectual property

Visual models are ripe for trademark. They are in the perfect format for you to get trademarked and protected.

At Think RAPT, we’ve trademarked several of our models and many of our clients also take this route as well. They report feeling more legally protected after going through this process. That means you can have these trademarked infographics on your website and feel more at ease.

And this is a great way to protect your intellectual property and make sure that it is future-proofed and ready to take your business to the next level. 

Want to create infographics for your website?

Now we’ve shown you the 5 reasons why you should be including visual models/infographics on your website, you probably want to rush out and create some!

That’s great! Let’s get you started on the right path so you create clear visual models that accurately distil the intellectual property from your business. 

visual models and scaling your busienss

You want visual models/infographics for your website. You also want to scale your consulting business. We have the perfect short video series for you!