About Think RAPT

Think RAPT® is an award-winning system that distils consultants’, experts’ and teams’ unique intellectual property into visual models. We’ve worked with hundreds of consultants and their teams to harness their genius for maximum impact. Putting a Think RAPT® system at the core of a business allows you to streamline your service delivery, standout in a competitive market and scale your operations.

The Think RAPT system is made up of four visual models, each with their own purpose in communicating the value proposition for any service-based business. These four models are outlined below:

The Award-Winning Think RAPT® System

This proven system gives you the ability to unpack your  intellectual property and craft your pitch using four visual models.

The RESULTS MODEL allows the audience to identify their current situation, the results they want and therefore any gaps between the two.

The ANSWERS MODEL demonstrates the answers to your audience’s challenges. It outlines what they need in order to achieve their desired results.

The PROCESS MODEL outlines your proven methodology and process that delivers results for your clients. It is the basis of your service delivery.

The TARGET MODEL highlights the target benefits of your process and shows what your clients get.

Think RAPT® is trusted by hundreds of consultants and organisations, including:

Our Values

Think RAPT™  is a values-based organisation. Our team members, suppliers and clients must be aligned with our values. If you believe in what we talk about below, we’re going to get along great and achieve fabulous things together. 

Our Mission

Our Core Values


We love our work and approach it with creativity and joy. We appreciate playfulness and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We are seriously committed to being solution focused, innovative, pro-active and driven by results and making a difference for each other, our clients, the global community, and the planet. We strive to make the world a better place.


We believe in 100% honesty. We speak up, speak out and stand up for what we believe in. We walk our talk. We don’t sacrifice what we believe in for quick wins.


We value care of self, others and the planet. We are generous, kind and just. We believe in everyone’s right to thrive, embrace who they are, and live their best lives.


We prioritise sustainable practices for businesses, people and the planet.

Who We Work With...

Our goal is to work with 100% purpose-driven organisations.

A purpose-driven organisation is a force for good.

A purpose-driven organisation stands up for what it believes in.

It has a purpose that is bigger than its products or services.

And it takes action towards achieving its purpose.


Who We Don't Work With...

We choose not to work with the following:

  • industries harmful to animals e.g. meat, egg, dairy, horse racing industries
  • inherently environmentally unfriendly businesses e.g. no coal mining or fossil fuels
  • businesses or organisations who are not pro-choice
  • diet culture. We will not tolerate any form of body shaming
  • MLM. Their business model is not a good fit for how we work