Stevie Schafer



Stevie is the person who keeps this business running like a well-oiled machine. Stevie is responsible for ensuring that quality content consistently makes it out into the world, taking Renée’s core content and repurposing it like nobody’s business. And Stevie keeps Renée on track, which is a very serious undertaking!

Stevie is a person of many hidden talents – editing podcasts and videos, writing blogs, articles and newsletters and scheduling social media faster than the speed of light. Wonderfully, Stevie can anticipate what someone needs before they even realise they need it themselves. And if you can think it up, Stevie can make it happen. “Hmmm… I think I might start a podcast,” daydreams Renée. And before anyone else has had a chance to tell her “no”, Stevie has gone and made it happen. And oh my goodness can Stevie get a whole lot of stuff done in a fraction of the time a mere human can.

In addition to the super-human feats as a General Manager, Stevie is the servant of two cat overlords and also does the bidding of a preschooler… fuelled by coffee and something else that only Stevie has access to. I mean, how else can we explain that ridiculous level of productivity?

Downtime activities for Stevie include playing Dungeons & Dragons and video games. Is anyone surprised?

Renée Hasseldine

CEO & Founder


Renée is the awesome mum of two sensational kids. Her third baby is the Think RAPT system. Simply put, she is unequivocally passionate about enabling you to use visual models to have massive impact in your business.

Renée is a highly evolved, super-smart original. While she’s definitely one of a kind, to help you out, think Erin Brokovich (fights for justice), mixed with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master), and throw in just a little Pink (superbly wicked) for good measure.

When it comes to extracting knowledge, skills, and experience out of thought leaders’ heads and turning it into pictures, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into succinct, inspiring content is sheer brilliance. This is the core of the Think RAPT system, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world.

Renée is a committed advocate for the environment, the underdog and bulletproof coffee. Her enthusiasm for low budget vampire dramas is a little disturbing.

When you meet Renée, expect her take on things to be a little different and her expression to be unique. Both are authentic and spot on. Oh, and order your own piece of cake….

Renée is the best-selling author of Share Your Passion, co-host of The Business Playroom and host of the Leveraged & Loving It Podcast. You can book Renée as a speaker.




With a background in Health and Emergency Services and through her own mental health lived experience, Lisa created Freedom Mindset Training in 2015. Lisa is an Award-Winning, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Coach.

A highly qualified trainer, Lisa has delivered training in various organisations including state and private schools, hospitality and health industry organisations, Sofitel on Collins and Victoria Police. Lisa’s skills in Behavioural Profiling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming enable her to communicate in a unique and engaging style.

As a leader in the Coaching and Personal Development fields, Lisa has others come to her for business advice and support. She is passionate about helping others reach their full potential both personally and professionally. Lisa utilises the Think RAPT system to provide structure and clarity to Coaches and Consultants looking to scale.


To find out more about Lisa and the work that she does, connect with her on LinkedIn or head to her website here.




Matthew is the Chief Learning Architect at Superb Learning, a digital learning agency. He is a multi-award-winning learning designer with over 20 years experience designing and developing learning experiences.

His focus is on helping people share knowledge to create impact through superb learning experiences. He works on building designs that deliver impactful results and allow people to scale their business.

Matthew has been recognised as a Certified Learning Professional (CLP) and a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF).


To find out more about Matthew and the work that he does, connect with him on LinkedIn or head to his website here.






Sharlene Lynch is an international speaker, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and veteran workshop facilitator with 30 years of experience in business coaching and a background in accounting and holistic psychology.

A thought leader in MINDSHIFT – the future of mindset – a program that delivers tools and techniques to create lives that thrive.

She has coached hundreds of people as a Qualified Speaker Coach for Speakers Institute to find their confident voice.

Specializing in mastering communication for influence, specifically around speaking to the camera, the desired skill set in the current environment.

Sharlene is the Vice President of Healing Though Love, a not-for-profit organization that provides pamper days for women impacted by family and domestic violence.

And in her spare time, a Belly Dancer!!

To find out more about Sharlene and the work that she does, connect with her on LinkedIn.





Lauren Kress is the Founder of Pacific Content and Creator of the Trailblazer Programs R.I.S.E, G.R.O.W & L.E.A.D. Their programs help B2B consultants & SAAS providers to gain cut through, credibility & conversion at each stage of the business journey. 

Lauren’s growing Youtube, podcast & blog audience are largely comprised of entrepreneurs, consultants and marketing nerds who love to geek out about human behaviour and the business and marketing science behind scalable growth. 

To find out more about Lauren and the work they do, connect with them on LinkedIn or head to their website here.




Amy Annetts, a marketing strategist in Melbourne, has been practising marketing for 25 years.  She creates marketing roadmaps for small businesses who need to know where they’re going.

Amy started her career with Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, and now blends her corporate marketing experience with the latest digital techniques for small businesses. And she loves red dirt and travelling Australia, having done ‘the lap’ twice and many outback trips in between. But that’s another story. 

To find out more about Amy and the work that she does, connect with her on LinkedIn or head to her website here.