Streamline, Standout and Scale with a Think RAPT System

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Are you a small business owner, consultant, expert or thought leader who is ready to harness your genius for maximum impact? This book is for you!

When you’re an expert in your field, conveying yourself in a way that others understand can be a challenge. When your expertise and solutions are complex, it can feel like they’re tangled up in a web of interconnected thoughts and concepts. This book provides a proven system to untangle and organise your thoughts, so that you can clearly and succinctly explain your value proposition to your audience, in a visible and tangible way.

With Renée’s award-winning Think RAPT™ system, you’ll learn how to create four powerful visual models, to win clients and scale your business.

It’s time to Get Visual and unlock your genius today!

This book demonstrates how to showcase your proven methodologies and the outcomes you create for your clients using visual models. Read it. And more importantly take action on what you learn.

Glen Carlson, Co-Founder of Dent Global

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Think RAPT is an award-winning system that distils consultants, experts and teams’ unique intellectual property into Visual Models. We’ve worked with hundreds of consultants and their teams to harness their genius for maximum impact. Streamline, Standout and Scale with a Think RAPT System.

What is a Think RAPT System?

A Think RAPT System is a neat way to extract and package your intellectual property for Maximum Impact. Find out how in this short video:

Think RAPT system

Upcoming Think RAPT workshop

Deep dive into a 3 hour workshop all about the Think RAPT System, how it works and how to create your own.

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What People Say About Working With Think RAPT

Don’t just listen to what we say about Think RAPT, here’s what our clients are saying!

Renee Hasseldine is simply a genius!

After working with Renee I have crystalised the complexities of my business management services into four infographics which make communicating my value simple and straight to the point.

I have used these models to direct the creation of my entire service program, plus my social media content, my sales presentation, my keynote talk, and my next book.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Director, Operation Verve

Until meeting Renee at Think Rapt, we didn’t really see the value of documenting and promoting our methodology and proprietary processes. Working with Renee was transformative for our team and business – both in process and outcome.  The models give potential clients assurance that we will achieve similar results for them that he have achieved for our past clients. But what’s really exciting is that we now have systematised our core processes, which will allow us to scale very easily.
Darren Taylor

Managing Director and Head of Strategy and Research, Taylor and Grace

Renee is a true expert in signature systems and an all-round business dynamo.

After years of frustration not being able to clearly articulate how I work, why it’s different and how to get that across in my marketing – she helped me nail it in a matter of days!

If you have a service-based business, you will find working with her is an excellent investment. 

Amanda Blennerhassett

Founder and 7 Figure Strategist, Brand Savvy

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