Think RAPT system

Would you like to be a Think RAPT Certified Specialist and share the powerful benefits with your own clients?


If you are a Business, Management, Brand, Culture, Human Resource, OD or Leadership Consultant that has already discovered the power of Think RAPT – we’d love to talk to you about how Think RAPT can be integrated into your current offerings – and open up new opportunities.


Certification Training

  • $10,000 (plus GST for Australian residents). 50% is payable on registration and the balance on approval as a Certified Specialist
  • 6 Modules following a LEARN * DO * REVIEW rhythm
    • Learn via video and written lesson
    • Do assignments and quizzes.
    • Review each module in a 1-on-1 Zoom session with Think RAPT founder Renée Hasseldine
  • After approval & license granted, quality control by Think RAPT HQ on first three clients
  • 1-year Certified Specialist License

    Certified Specialist License

    • $2,000 p.a. (plus GST for Australian residents)
    • Licence to use Think RAPT System with your own clients including: 1:1, workshops and training
    • A listing in our Certified Specialist Directory
    • Licensee Portal with slide decks, workbooks, proposals, client agreements, case study templates to run workshops and engagements
    • Annual review by the Think RAPT team to ensure the highest standards are maintained by all
    • Sell Game Changer to your clients. Package is $1100 inc GST and only requires you to deliver a 1 hour Zoom review session. Think RAPT royaltes 20% per sale
    • Opportunity to be featured as licensee of the month
    • Private Slack group for support
    • Quarterly licensee check in / group meeting – presenting case studies
    • Additional private mentoring at extra cost