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If you're a consultant and you're already achieving great results with your clients... 


Imagine what might be possible if we combine your superpowers with the power of the award-winning Think RAPT® system...



Take your client results to the next level as they achieve greater clarity using visual models. The Think RAPT™ system will empower your clients to unite their teams, streamline their service delivery, standout in their market and scale their businesses. 


A "ready to go" proven system as another revenue stream in your business, plus Think RAPT™ becomes the foundation of: sales presentations, content creation, product development, service delivery, authority content, thought leadership, consistent messaging, conversion rates, brand narrative and so much more.


Reach new heights in your business and make an even bigger difference with the powerful work you do. Think RAPT™ accelerates your ability to engage and grow your team, increase profit, reach more clients and scale your business. 

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December 7, 2021

9:30 am - 10:30 am Melbourne time


This proven system gives you the ability to unpack your clients' intellectual property and demonstrate it clearly and succinctly in four visual models. It gives you the ability to add value from sales, marketing & service delivery through to internal engagement, process formalisation, organisational strategy & change management. 

The RESULTS MODEL allows the audience to identify their current situation, the results they want and therefore any gaps between the two.

The ANSWERS MODEL demonstrates the answers to your audience's challenges. It outlines what they need in order to achieve their desired results.

The PROCESS MODEL outlines your proven methodology and process that delivers results for your clients. It is the basis of your service delivery.

The TARGET MODEL highlights the target benefits of your process and shows what your clients get.


Step 1

There is an application and interview process to qualify for our Certification Training. To be considered you need to:

  • Be an established expert in your field
  • Be an experienced facilitator/trainer
  • Have an existing audience / client base that will benefit from Think RAPT™ system

Step 2

Our 4 day intensive training program (run via Zoom) follows our proven process for extracting a Think RAPT system. You will be paired with a Buddy Client for the training, for hands on application as you learn. You both walk away with a Think RAPT system created and the experience of extracting your first Think RAPT system..

Step 3

You submit assignments completed during the training program and we provide feedback. Upon passing all assignments, you become an approved Certified Specialist.

Step 4

Once approved, you are licensed to use the Think RAPT® system with your clients and generate revenue. We provide you with “ready to go” slide decks, worksheets, templates and more in the licensee portal.

Step 5

Quality control is extremely important to the team at Think RAPT® and to our growing community of Certified Specialists. That’s why, we will assess you each year before your license is renewed. This protects the reputation of all Certified Specialists and the brand.

What Certification Graduates have to say about the program:


The curriculum follows the 5 stage process we use with our clients. You learn how to run each step, watch a real life client example and then implement the process with your client buddy.

Think RAPT 5 Stage


  • Welcome Module
  • Approximately 90 minutes

Week 1
Thursday & Friday

  • Stage 1: Clarify
  • Stage 2: Extract Results Model
  • Stage 2: Extract Answers Model

Week 2
Thursday & Friday

  • Stage 2: Extract Process Model
  • Stage 2: Extract Target Model
  • Stage 3: Present
  • Stage 4: Package
  • Stage 5: Create

Certification TraininG

  • 4 Day Intensive Training Program with Think RAPT® CEO & Founder, Renée Hasseldine
  • Real-life experience applying what you learn every step of the way with your “Client Buddy”
  • You create their Think RAPT® system
  • They create yours

Done for your business:

  • Think RAPT® System
  • Graphic design of 4 models
  • Animated videos of 4 models
  • Source files of 4 models
  • Think RAPT® pitch slide deck
  • 4 visual model worksheets with blank versions
  • Sales brochure PDF

Certified Specialist License

  • Annual review by the Think RAPT™ team to ensure the highest standards are maintained by all
  • Licence to use Think RAPT™ System with your own clients including: 1:1, workshops and training
  • A listing in our Certified Specialist Directory
  • Licensee Portal with slide decks, workbooks, proposals, client agreements, case study templates to run workshops and engagements
  • Ability to purchase Game Changer wholesale at $200 (exc GST) and sell to your clients. RRP $1000 (exc GST) and only requires you to deliver a 1 hour Zoom review session.
  • Ability to purchase Graphic Design packages for your clients wholesale at $1500 (exc GST) to include in your premium packages.
  • Opportunity to be featured as licensee of the month
  • Private Slack group for support
  • Quarterly licensee check in / group meeting – presenting case studies
  • Additional private mentoring at extra cost


What’s the structure of the program?

Over the four day intensive, there will be whole group learning and then application with your buddy in breakout rooms. The curriculum is outlined on page 6. In addition, there will be approximately 90 minutes of pre-work before day 1. The four days are divided over two weeks. Thursday-Friday in Week 1 and Thursday-Friday in Week 2. This is designed to have the least impact on your existing workload.

How long from beginning to end until I can start using this with my clients?

You can be up and running as soon as your final assignment is approved, which will be within 1-2 weeks of successfully submitting your final assignment.

What support will I get during the training?

There are multiple levels of support:

  • A welcome/onboarding session.
  • Hands-on support from the Think RAPT team throughout the training in the Zoom room.
  • Buddy support.
  • Dedicated Slack workspace where you get support from the Think RAPT® team AND your peers. This is the home of the Think RAPT® community, where you will be able to connect and build relationships with others in your training group, approved Certified Specialists and the Think RAPT® team.

What support is provided once I’m approved?

We want to see you succeed. Once you’re an approved Licensee, the support includes:

  • Continued Slack support from the Think RAPT® team AND your peers. If we can’t answer your question in Slack, we will jump on a call as required.
  • Review of your first three clients’ Think RAPT® systems.
  • Quarterly Licensee Brainstrust sessions. During these 1 hour sessions via Zoom, we review case studies, share recent learnings and insights of the system, provide mentoring and discuss applications of the Think RAPT® System in the context of your work.

What’s the story with the Client Buddy?

To really understand the Think RAPT® system, you need to apply it and put it into practice in the real world.

So, would we unleash you on your prized clients while you’re in the learning phase?

Absolutely not! This is why we have created an awesome “Client Buddy” system, so that you can learn together, with each other, using your own real-world training. To take the pressure off you both as you learn, means that you can work together, make mistakes in a safe environment, challenge and inspire each other to be and perform at your best.

So, not only do you get the training, but your buddy gets to work on your business with you, which is super exciting. Plus, you both will walk away with your own Think RAPT® system extracted by your buddy, graphic design done by the Think RAPT® team and sales brochure document completed by your buddy. How cool is that?

What about graphic design of my Think RAPT® system?

We are excited to say that this is included in your package. We understand how difficult it can be to find a graphic designer and then micro-manage them to get what you want. Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt. We love drama free.

That’s why the graphic design is done in-house by the Think RAPT® team.

How is the training delivered?

The curriculum is delivered in a well-structured and organised manner following the proven 5 stage process we use with our clients. Training is run live via Zoom. For each step, you learn how to run it, watch a real client example and then implement with your buddy. You are provided with all the templates and resources you need including a workbook, session templates, slide decks and a Miro board for online extraction. It is all tried and tested and very user friendly, for a smooth facilitator and client experience.

Once I’m a Licensee, do I still trade under my own banner / brand?

Absolutely. You still run your own business and build your own brand. You have the added bonus of being able to promote yourself as a Think RAPT® Certified Specialist. You can add it on LinkedIn as a qualification. But you do not become a Think RAPT® employee or contractor.

What can I expect to charge for delivering a Think RAPT® service?

You can incorporate the Think RAPT® service into your existing packages or offer stand alone services.

The table below gives you an idea of the standard packages we offer, which you may also choose to offer:

Package What we Charge Cost of Sales Profit Margin Your time
Game Changer $1,000 $200 $800 Stage 3: 1 hour
Authority Accelerator $10,000 $1,500 for graphic design $8,500

Stage 1: 1 hour

Stage 2-3: 6 hours

Stage 4: 1 hour

Note: All prices above exclude GST.


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