Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Think RAPT System?

A simple way to visually depict your unique intellectual property.

A Think RAPT System is a methodology that is unique to your business, that demonstrates and showcases clearly and succinctly your business’ core messages and solution.

It takes the years of experience, knowledge and skills out of your head and distils it into a suite of visual models that you can use as the foundation for your whole business. Whether it’s sales and marketing, product development, onboarding and training new team members or service delivery.

Your Think RAPT should explain the why, what and how. Not just the how. To do this, we need 4 key types of visual models as shown in the image below. These four models form the basis of a well-constructed, high-quality Think RAPT System.

– Results Model
– Answers Model
– Process Model
– Target Model.

Your unique Think RAPT System should:
– Demonstrate a methodology that is unique to you
– Deliver consistent, proven results for your clients
– Solve a problem for your audience
– Be clear, free from jargon and language that is ambiguous

What is a Visual Model?

A hybrid between an infographic and a diagram.

Infographics tend to have a lot of information on them and can sometimes be hard to read. Diagrams is a very broad term meaning a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something. We like to think of Visual Models as being in a sweet spot between these two.

What is the difference between your Authority Accelerator Program and Game Changer Program?

Authority Accelerator is a mixture of Done-With-You and Done-For-You (Premium). Game Changer is Do-It-Yourself with some feedback. 

Authority Accelerator is for people who just want to get it done and want all the hard work done for them. You book in x number of sessions with Renee or a Certified Specialist to understand your business, and to extract the information from your head and to get a plan to leverage the new system. Then, our team does everything else for you.

Game Changer is more affordable and is a self-paced course with accountability built in. We provide you with the resources you need to create your Think RAPT System and then we give you personalised feedback on what you’ve made so you can make sure you’ve got it right. Game Changer does not include any deliverables from our team.

What if after I complete Game Changer, I decide I want you to create my assets?

We have a Graphic Design Package for this reason.

Game Changer is the affordable option because a) you do the extraction work yourself and b) we don’t provide any assets or deliverables.

However, we know people wanted the option to upgrade. If you buy the Graphic Design Package, our team will create your visual models, animated slide decks, mini videos, worksheets, brochure and more.

Do you have payment plans?


We have payment plans for Authority Accelerator, Game Changer and Certification Training.

If you would like to know more about these plans, please email

Can I get Renee to speak on my podcast/at my event etc.?


Please email with your pitch.

Tell us what the event is, who the target audience is, your estimated turnout (but we’ll consider events as small as 10, if the audience is a good fit), what kind of talk you want and for how long.

I want to teach the Think RAPT System to others. Am I allowed?

Only Think RAPT Certified Specialists with current licences have legal permission to teach this system to others.

If you’re interested in the requirements for our Certified Specialists program, please email

How do I get feedback on my Visual Models?

Feedback is part of our Game Changer package.

If you’ve created your Think RAPT Visual Models already and you’re looking to get feedback from someone at Think RAPT, we recommend buying the Game Changer Package so you can review the accuracy of your work and get the feedback session. If you’ve already worked with us in Game Changer or Authority Accelerator, there are special sessions for you. Please email to ask about it.

What program do you use to create the Visual Models?

Our graphic designer uses Adobe Illustrator.

Unless you are a graphic designer yourself, we recommend leaving the design of the Visual Models to a professional. You could spend months trying to learn the program. That’s time you could be out there selling your services and helping your customers.

I also want to make a few key points. You need to make sure you’re extracting your information correctly and using the right models for the right scenario. There are 4 different types of models and they each serve a different purpose.

When creating models, it is the extraction process and the thinking behind each model that requires a huge amount of skill. I’ve been doing this stuff for 18+ years and I’m still making new distinctions on how to do it better every week. Focus on getting the thinking behind your models right and putting all your time and energy into that. And I highly recommend you work with someone who is an expert in this area to ensure the highest quality outcome.

After all, your models become the basis for your whole business (if done correctly) and therefore they should be done right. The graphic design is the last step and really a minor detail in the scheme of things. If creating graphics is not inside your zone of genius, I strongly believe that you should outsource it. 

Have you worked with a business in x niche before?

Probably yes.

Here are some case studies for different industries:

If you don’t see what you’re after in this list, please email with what you’re looking for and we can see if we have something in that niche or similar.

Can I bring my team?

We encourage people to bring their team along to create their Think RAPT System. We generally only charge per system created, not per seat. Please email for more information.

Are the Online Workshops the same and are they recorded?

Our online half-day workshops are just like the live events. We use Zoom so we can see and hear each other and actually interact – the only way to do it!

I love being able to see and speak with all my attendees.  And that’s one of the massive benefits of attending the online workshop – you can ask questions and participate.

We do record the online sessions, so if you absolutely cannot make it to that date and time, you can still get all of the goodness (just without the interactivity).

How much experience do I need to have before I can create my own Think RAPT System?

You need to be able to honestly answer YES to these questions:

  • Do you have consistent, proven results with your clients?
  • Has your own unique way of working with clients emerged, that is distinct from other people’s methodologies?
  • Do you own your zone of genius & demonstrate a fresh perspective?
  • Have you noticed that you’re repeating the same messages, processes & concepts to your clients?
  • Are you really clear about the problems you solve & the solutions you provide?


Results Model & Target Model read more like relationship building prior to client attainment. Can you elaborate?

People often use the term “System” to refer purely to their step-by-step process. However, I believe and teach that you need to provide more than that to tell a whole story.

A Think RAPT System should explain the why, what and how. Not just the how. Hence needing all four models to make a complete set.

Yes, the Results and Target models are mostly used prior to the client actually signing on the dotted line. They are used in various sales and marketing contexts. Websites, social media, speaking gigs, videos, articles, webinars, etc.

Once service delivery begins, the Process Model becomes the structure for that.