Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to generating new, relevant and purposeful content for your target audience?


We all know that sharing the right message at the right time at each and every stage of the customer journey is key to making a high-ticket sale.


But that’s hard!


And a lot of content marketing and thought leadership training out there doesn’t help because the time, effort and “hustle” required to implement this is INSANE!

This is you trying to implement all of the content creation ^^


We know that for a consultant or coach who is focused on serving their clients and delivering value you need to be able to smash things out fast, effectively and with purpose.


That’s why we created the Content Creation Machine


With this tool you’ll only need:


✅ 1 hour to map 1 year’s worth of social media posts


✅ 30 minutes to turn your bespoke service into a repeatable, high-ticket offer


✅ 15 minutes to develop your lesson-by-lesson course outline


✅ 3 days to draft your expert book


… and that’s just the beginning. There’s so much more you can do with the Content Creation Machine once you get the hang of it!


What is the Content Creation Machine?

The Content Creation Machine is a 5-step process that takes your core intellectual property and turns it into content.


We like to use this gif to explain:

You put your signature ideas – i.e. your Think RAPT System (i.e. your Pitch) in the top of the machine, and then following the 5 steps, you’re able to create loads of content.


What are the 5 steps? Are they the same for every piece of content?

Whether you’re creating an online course, writing a book, scheduling social media posts and more, the 5 steps you need to take are going to be the same.


  • Step 1: Plan
  • Step 2: Produce
  • Step 3: Polish
  • Step 4: Publish
  • Step 5: Promote

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Step 1: Plan

Take your core intellectual property – your Think RAPT System (i.e. your Pitch), and plan out the shape of your content. 


For example, you might:

  • Outline your book
  • Map your course modules
  • Create themed weeks for social media
  • Create a group program
  • Record a webinar
  • Make a video series


The possibilities are endless.


As part of our Craft Your Pitch Program, we give you full access to all of our templates for creating all of these products and more! 

Step 2: Produce

This is where the rubber hits the road. 


This is where you get to create. 


It might be writing, recording videos, making worksheets etc. This depends on what you’ve chosen to create.


If you have a VA who specialises in content creation or content repurposing, they should be able to take what you did in Step 1: Plan, and create the content for you.


Step 3: Polish

Obviously we want what we put out into the world to be a good reflection of the quality of our business, that’s why it’s important to polish. 


The Polish step includes editing, formatting, adjusting etc., to make sure the content is the best it can be.


Often at this stage, it’s good to have another set of eyes look over the work. 

Step 4: Publish

Finally, we’re ready to hit PUBLISH.


Woohoo! This is a big and momentous moment. Whether it’s publishing the blog post, creating the landing page of your product, or uploading the video YouTube, finally getting the content out to the world is a critical step. 


It needs to be available for people to find!

Step 5: Promote


Make sure you’re using all the avenues – whether it’s social media, your email list, etc., to cross promote your content everywhere. 


There you have it, our 5-step Content Creation Machine that can help you create massive amounts of relevant, high quality content based on your core intellectual property. 


Discover more uses for the Content Creation Machine and how to use it in your business by attending a FREE masterclass.