Creating social media content can be a giant pain for most coaches, consultants, and thought leaders.


It’s not their zone of genius, and they have other things they would rather be doing.


But, we all know how important it is to create consistent, on-brand, high quality content for social media.


That’s why we created the Content Creation Machine – and with it, you can map out over a year’s worth of social media content in 1-2 hours

Step 1: Plan

Planning out your social media posts is a big part of the battle. And with our system, you can do it in around 1-2 hours. 


Each of your Think RAPT models breaks down into loads of content. We start with the model overview (as one post or one week’s theme) and then can dive down into all the model parts. Here’s how it might look for just one model:

Using our Content Creation Machine’s Social Media Post Template or your own spreadsheet, populate it with the information from each of your Think RAPT models (i.e. your Pitch models) like the above image suggests. Spend week one taking about the model overview – e.g. a video, a text post, an image, a poll. 


This should take you no longer than 1-2 hours. Remember, you’re not creating anything just yet. You’re just MAPPING it out.

Step 2: Produce

Step 2 is where we actually create the content. We want to make it as easy as possible to create and repurpose content in this phase.


Now, creating a whole year’s worth of videos in one go is really hard, so we recommend breaking it down into either creating videos for 1 month or videos for a quarter.


Here’s how Renee does it.


She creates 13 videos (a quarter) 1-2 minutes each, based on the information in the spreadsheet.


Then, she gives those videos over to an assistant to repurpose them into a wide variety of posts, such as:

  • Videos
  • Audio (e.g. videos with a static image and audio underneath or something like Headliner)
  • Text
  • Images


Using videos as the basis of your social media content creation gives you the most flexibility in terms of repurposing content. 


Professional hack: You can get a Virtual Assistant who specialises in Content Creation and Repurposing to do all the hard work for you! Just hand over your video files and your spreadsheet plan and let them go wild.

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Step 3: Polish

Once all the posts have been drafted, now is the time to give them a final polish. 


Here you might want to double check trends, appropriate hashtags, best times to post and more before moving onto step 4.


Step 4: Publish

Whether you’re organically publishing your posts every day or scheduling them, it’s important to systemise the process. 


Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter let you pre-schedule your content. 


For something like LinkedIn, you might need to use a 3rd party software scheduler or set up reminders for yourself or your team to post the right content at the right time. 


Step 5: Promote

Make sure you’re active on your social media and don’t just dump and run. Take time to like and interact with other people as well as promote your social media in things like your email newsletter, on your website etc. 


Ask past and current clients to interact with your posts on social media. We all know algorithms love interaction!