Meet The Team

Renée Hasseldine

CEO & Founder


Renée is the founder of the Think RAPT system. Simply put, she is unequivocally passionate about visual models and turning messy waffle into clear visual messaging.

Renée is a highly evolved, super-smart original. While she’s definitely one of a kind, to help you out, think Erin Brokovich (fights for justice), mixed with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master), and throw in just a little Pink (superbly wicked) for good measure.

Renée is a committed advocate for the environment, the underdog and coffee. Her enthusiasm for spreadsheets and checklists is a little disturbing.

When you meet Renée, expect her take on things to be a little different and her expression to be unique. Both are authentic and spot on. Oh, and order your own piece of cake….

Renée is a three time best-selling author and an international speaker.

Sol Babas

Accounts & Admin


Sol speaks 5 languages, although you could say she’s had to learn a 6th since dealing with Renee’s colourful expressions! She has a Bachelor of Science, in Accounting, and is a brilliant team player. She also loves the beach and mountain hiking. Nature is her happy place. She also loves to bake and is a fan of romance and sci-fi movies.

Sol is in charge of making sure all the social media and event promotion happens consistently. She’s responsible for making sure we take all the necessary actions to get bums on seats at our events. She also takes care of all the book-keeping for the business. She gets stuff done and gives the rest of the team the support they need to get on with the work in their zones of genius. Her attention to detail is an essential skill in the team and we couldn’t do it all without her.

Ven Michael Rolloque

Graphic Design


Ven is the magic maker at Think RAPT. As graphic designer, his job is to make sure that our clients’ visual models look awesome. No two Think RAPT systems should be the same and Ven’s super power is to inject a brand’s uniqueness into their IP assets.

Ven is a people person. He gets along with people from all walks of life and if someone isn’t having a good day, he’ll notice and care. He brings wonderful positive energy to the team and is an absolute delight to work with.

He loves keeping up with new graphic design trends, calligraphy, running, free diving, meditating and reading. And just for fun, he likes to get dressed up. Even with nowhere to go!