Here’s what some of our clients say about having their own Think RAPT system:

Renee has true talent in making sense of complex offerings and framing them in a way that resonates persuasively with potential clients. Engaging, experienced and knowledgeable, she is great to work with and delivers real results.

The models she produced to clearly articulate the value of our offering have directly contributed to a significant uptick in new business – the first proposal we used them in resulted in a major new client engagement – and the ‘pitch’ material based upon them receives rave reviews. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her services very highly indeed.

Daniel Roberts

Consulting Director, Modis

Until meeting Renee at Think RAPT, we didn’t really see the value of documenting and promoting our methodology and proprietary processes. Working with Renee was transformative for our team and business – both in process and outcome. We now have a set of visual models which we are using to position us as truly different and as a litmus test to confirm fitness of new relationships. The models give potential clients assurance that we will achieve similar results for them that we have achieved for our past clients. But what’s really exciting is that we now have systematised our core processes, which will allow us to scale very easily.

Darren Taylor

Managing Director and Head of Strategy and Research, Taylor and Grace

Renee has one of the quickest, brightest, logical and intuitive brains I’ve worked with in my 30 year+ corporate career.

Working with Renee to develop my signature system has produced a 10x ROI within 12 months.

Renee excels in making the complex simple and is an amazing servant leader. And she has a knack of making the whole process fast and fun!

Lia Zalums

Founder and Director, ZedAxis

Kerry-Anne Nelson, director of Operation Verve shares how invaluable having her Think RAPT system is to her whole business.

Tyson Franklin on how easy it is to extract your Think RAPT system with Renee Hasseldine.

Renee is a true expert in signature systems and an all-round business dynamo.

After years of frustration not being able to clearly articulate how I work, why it’s different and how to get that across in my marketing – she helped me nail it in a matter of days!

If you have a service-based business, you will find working with her is an excellent investment. 

Amanda Blennerhassett

Founder and 7 Figure Strategist, Brand Savvy

Creating my 4 models made a massive impact on my business.

Using my new models, I presented a five-minute talk to a room full of business owners… This very first five-minute presentation had a 50% conversion of the room…

This has never happened before and I 100% attribute this success to the program that Renee has put together.

This program has completely transformed my business.

Anna Osherov


I had the pleasure of working with Renee on a pitch document for a business partner.

I ended up with a Signature System that can be used for multiple purposes and a pitch that was very successful. She was very good at condensing and simplifying a lot of information into a presentation that was tailor-fit to the audience and fully customisable.

I highly recommend her services and encourage anyone to contact her to discuss your business and discover the value that she can add. 

Charles Zerafa

Finance Professional

“The Think RAPT System is just SO brilliant.” – Dr Sarya Oud

“The [Certification] course is brilliantly structured” Sarah Birken.

Lauren Kress – Think RAPT Certified Specialist Graduate

I’m really excited to become a certified Think RAPT specialist and excitingly I’ve already closed one client with my new trailblazer program that we put together during the four-day course.”

By combining what I was already doing (brand building) with Think RAPT and helping people to understand the importance of having the foundation of what it is that they do and who it is that they’re serving before they start putting content out there is really, really powerful and it’s sort of been something that’s sold itself.

Renee’s ability to pull out people’s ‘genius zone’ as she calls it and create a signature system backed up by visual models is second to none.

I enjoy using these models in my presentations and all my marketing. I highly recommend her model and system for any business owner.

Natasa Denman

Founder, Ultimate 48 Hour Author

Working on my business using Renee’s great Signature System program and her personal insights and advice has made a world of difference to both myself and my business. I highly recommend Renee: her commitment and passion to see her clients expand through the creation of visual models is both inspiring and life-changing. Now that I can see more clearly through the eyes of those I wish to assist, and what their needs are thanks to Renee. Thank you, Renee. The best is yet to come

Rod Steele

Career and Leadership Coach

Renee Hasseldine is simply a genius!

After working with Renee I have crystalised the complexities of my business management services into four infographics which make communicating my value simple and straight to the point.

I have used these models to direct the creation of my entire service program, plus my social media content, my sales presentation, my keynote talk, and my next book.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Director, Operation Verve