Are you trying to streamline your service delivery process? 


Maybe you’re stuck working 1-to-1 and want to scale to working 1-to-many with group programs.


But each time you think about scaling, you run into this problem: every client is unique.


Our client Katie-Jeyn Romeyn had this problem. 


She wanted to move from working 1-to-1 with clients to delivering group programs. She knew she could help more people AND make more money through this kind of scaling.


But she was struggling to see how to do it when she believed that each client was too unique. 


The first step with Katie-Jeyn was to identify the patterns in her process. When we started looking, there were plenty. 


Once you’ve been doing it long enough, you’ll notice yourself saying the same things over and over again and walking through similar processes.


Once we had those similarities, we could then map out her unique proven process. That process then became her group program.


She went from $300k to over $1mil in just 15 months because she scaled to group programs.


Creating a monthly or weekly program doesn’t have to take you months or years. Here’s how you get it done using our proven 5-step system: The Content Creation Machine.


Step 1: Plan

We take your Think RAPT System (which you can get from completing the Craft Your Pitch Course) and use it to map out the key modules.


The biggest chunk of this plan will come from your Process Model.


For example, here’s the Think RAPT Process Model.

Each of the chunks can be broken down into weekly modules for a group program. 


If you have 5 steps in your Process Model, that might be a 6-week program, e.g.

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Step 1
  • Week 3: Step 2
  • Week 4: Step 3
  • Week 5: Step 4
  • Week 6: Step 5

Step 2: Produce

Get the Book and Learn How To Create Your Visual Models

"This book demonstrates how to showcase your proven methodologies and the outcomes you create for your clients using visual models. Read it. And more importantly take action on what you learn."

Glen Carlson, Co-Founder of Dent Global

Now you have your outline, it’s time to get creating all the resources you need to make it happen. 


Whether it’s worksheets, videos, quizzes or more. 


Just follow your plan and get it done!


Step 3: Polish

Next, we polish. This can include proofreading, getting a graphic designer to create pretty worksheets, editing and more.


We want to make sure the program you’re putting out into the world is something that you’re proud of.


Step 4: Publish

Then, we hit “publish”. Whether you’re delivering it via email or an online course platform, it’s time to upload your content and get it live. 


For a weekly or monthly program, you’ll probably want to drip feed your content to your participants so they don’t get overwhelmed with too much information.


Step 5: Promote

Finally, it’s time to promote your program. This is about getting participants into your program.


You might be using social media, direct messages, networking events, and more to promote your program. 


Get it out there and let the world know about how amazing it is.