Writing an expert book can feel like a mammoth task – but it doesn’t need to be.


Our founder, Renee Hasseldine, has written three best-selling books using the method we’re sharing today. They all took 1 week or less to draft the first copy. So, we’re sharing with you the method of how to get your expert book written efficiently.


We use something called The Content Creation Machine. This is a 5-step process for taking your key intellectual property and transforming it into a myriad of products and services. In this example, we’re writing a book. 


To start, you’ll need to have your 4 key visual models to plug into the plan. We hope that once you see how easy it is to write a book with your 4 visual models, you’ll be rushing to create your 4 visual models.


Step 1: Plan your book 

The first step is planning.


We take the pain out of planning with our simple, easy to use template. 


In our template, you simply take the appropriate model, and put it in the right section. For example, near the start of the book, you’ll want to give your readers a reason to keep reading – we do this by highlighting the benefits of what they’ll get. So, we share the Target Model (usually 3-4 key benefits) early to get them hooked.

The full template is available as part of our Craft Your Pitch Course (where you also get to create your 4 visual models).


Step 2: Produce your book

Now that you have your outline, the next step is to write the first draft.


Writing the first draft feels like the hardest part of the book. But, with the plan in place, it’s just a matter of filling in the blank spaces. You know what content needs to go where – you just need to make it happen. 


You have two options here:


Option 1: Write it the traditional way – fingers to keyboard.


Option 2: You can record yourself speaking to your 4 models and then get it transcribed and tidy up that transcription.


With your outline, this can take you as little as 3 days to get done.


Top tip: make time to write. This could be dedicating time each day, or booking in a week-long writing retreat. But the only way it happens is if you make time for it. All the wishing in the world won’t get the book written. 


Top tip: use a recording of a half day workshop. This is kind of a two-for-one deal. If you’ve run a half day workshop and recorded it, you can get the audio transcribed. The structure will largely be the same as the book, but with a little bit shuffled around. Once you have the transcription, you can simply cut and paste the right bits into the corresponding sections. And then, of course, tidy it up! 


Step 3: Polish your book

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Once you have your first draft, next comes the polishing. 


Get an editor. Whether you plan on self-publishing or going through a traditional publisher, having an editor is absolutely essential. A traditional publisher will assign you an editor, but if you’re working solo, investing in hiring an editor will be worth it! 


You’ll also need to get the layout, proofreading, and cover design done. A traditional publisher will do this for you.


It might surprise people, but this phase actually takes Renee longer than the writing phase! Why? Because there’s back-and-forth conversations about editing, layout, and design. That can take a lot of time, so don’t be surprised if this ends up being the longest phase! 


Step 4: Publish your book


Whether it’s your publisher sending it to the printers, or if you’re self-publishing, the next step is to literally publish the book.


Now it’s time to grab the champers or sparkling water and celebrate your success! 


Step 5: Promote your book


Contrary to popular belief, books don’t just fly off the shelf. You need to promote them to get them to sell.


Whether you’re doing speaking gigs, promoting them on social media, to your email list, and more, make sure people know you have a book and why they should read it. 


Getting onto the Amazon best seller list


How has Renee had 3 Amazon best-sellers? 

You don’t need to sell thousands of copies to get a best seller, even just a couple of hundred can be enough to get you to the top of a category in a couple of hours.


  • Discount the Amazon kindle version to just 0.99 cents for just one day. 
  • Send an email to all of your subscribers, friends, family, etc. to buy the kindle book at the discounted price.


You need to watch the best-selling lists like a hawk to see your book climb over the day. Honestly, it’s fun and we enjoy the excitement on book launch day!


There you have it, our 5-step process to turning your intellectual property into your expert book.

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   … and that’s just the beginning. 

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