3 Steps to Reduce Key-Person Risk in Your Business Using Visual Models

Is your business entirely dependent upon you to function? Could you go away for a week or a month and still have everything ticking along?  If the answer is “no”, or “maybe”, then this article is for you!   Here are my top 3 tips for transitioning from key-person...

Business Consultants: Scale Your Business By Focusing On 2 Factors

The two significant factors in terms of business consultants, experts and thought leaders scaling their businesses are Service Delivery and Audience Response.  Get these two things right and you’ll have MASSIVE IMPACT. FACTOR 1: YOUR SERVICE DELIVERY As business...

How to Streamline Service Delivery in Your Consulting Practice

You have great service offerings and you’ve built a dedicated team around you. But still, you’re doing most of the delivery. How do you streamline service delivery and maintain high quality outcomes your clients have come to expect? Whether you work in branding,...

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